Pros and Cons of Using Wallpaper in the Bathroom

Wallpaper for Bathrooms
Decorating your house is one of the most relaxing things you can do. It gives you a sense of accomplishment as you upgrade and improve your home’s appearance. The finished product tells you that you truly own the house, as you are represented in every small detail.

Of course, the bathroom is no exception to your reno project. It is your area of relaxation, thus you’d love to make it look as lovely as you could, and one of the rising trends is applying wallpapers. Wallpapering the bathroom isn’t always a wise choice, but read on to have a good look at the pros and cons.

A lot of people consider wallpaper, but is it going to be a good pick, specifically for your home?

Pros of Using Wallpaper:
Putting up wallpaper in your bathroom can add individuality and style. Other than that, here are other perks that it can give you:

1. Durability
Do you have kids? If so, wallpaper is a great option in decorating the bathroom without having to worry if it will chip. It endures normal wear and tear, making it a great investment.

2. Long-lasting

Related to its durability, most variants of wallpapers can last for over a decade. As long as it is applied carefully to your walls, then it should stay put for a long time.

3. Covers Wall Imperfections

If you don’t have the time to smoothen the edges and bumps on your bathroom walls, using wallpaper is going to do the trick. Not only does it create a new design, but it will also cover those rough areas, which is another cost-saver for you.

Cons of Using Wallpaper:
While there are advantages to using this alternative to paint, there are some quirks that you should be aware of:

1. Tedious Removal
If you are thinking of redecorating or changing your wallpaper, it is going to be trickier than you think. It’s going to be time-consuming and costly, especially when you use wallpaper removal products. You will have to consult an expert to prevent damage to your walls.

2. Sensitivity to Moisture
In areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom in this case, too much humidity can cause it to easily peel away. This is why your bathroom somehow needs to have an exhaust in order to prevent this from happening.

On average, wallpapers are more expensive than paint. You’ll have to pay for the rolls, the supplies needed, and the installer who will be putting it carefully onto your bathroom walls.

As a homeowner, you can weigh both sides and decide. Wallpaper lends itself well to a classic bathroom, so these types of renovations can benefit from the textures that wallpaper bring to the table. Ponder on these points and you should have no problem.