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Chrome has been the unofficial standard used in the finishing of kitchen and bathroom tapware. After decades of domination, chrome is giving way to the sleek and elegant black. Although the use of chrome may not be completely eliminated, the matt black has taken over the leading position in interior tapware finishing.  The rise of matt black to prominence is not unconnected with the luxury and elegant feel in brings to the interior. Moreover, the sharp contrast to other surfaces within the interior makes it even more visually appealing.

The emergence of the black tapware can be traced to the year 2013 when it was first introduced to the market. It became popular among daring bathroom and kitchen interior designers. At that time, there were little choices available for tapware finishing. Other alternatives are wares with powder coated finishing which can easily scratch. The electroplated black are durable but has a cheap look which reduces its appeal to interior designers.

Matte Black Tapware

Popular TV shows such as The Block inspired the re-emergence and fame of the black tapware in 2015. The contestants are bold and believe that this edgy design is here to stay. This assertion was true as this design became a perfect fit for all color schemes and materials such as tiles and timber. In the weeks following, the contestants continue the use of black tapware for their renovations.

The demand and awareness of the matted black when it was introduced is unprecedented. Perhaps, the only type that has a parallel hype is the chrome finish. The use of even tapware shapes and sizes do change from time to time. As it were, the conventional rounded and square designs have remained consistent over time.
Black Matte Kitchen Mixers - Renovation Kingdom
The matt ware tapware is smooth and sleek, it adds to the elegance of any bathroom or kitchen where it is used. The striking contrast of a black tapware against a neutral background is a desirable style anyone will appreciate.
If you will like to add a modest style to your kitchen or bathroom, the matted black is just a perfect fit. The combination of a black tapware and a white bathware gives a modern. aesthetically appealing look without going over the edge.
Cleaning Matte Black Tapware

Due to the matted surface, it is advisable not to use cleansers that contain wax or other filling agents. The wax cleansers are great in filling the flaws in a surface to give a polished look. This is excellent for flawed surfaces that require filling and a protective coat. But for matte black, it will transform the matte finish to an undesirable splotchy polished surface.

Cleaning Matte Black Tapware