5 Floor Plan Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations

Let’s face it. Some rooms in the house usually need the most space, like the living room and the master bedroom. For homes that are a bit on the small side, this leaves a small area for the bathroom. Be that as it may, is it still possible to make a small bathroom look gorgeous and functional at the same time?

The answer, of course, is a resounding yes! It is all a matter of strategically placing elements in carefully planned locations and maximising what little room there is through layers and genius ideas.

Here are some floor plan ideas that you can try to make that little bathroom still cozy.

Door Placement
Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Considering the fact that you are working with a limited space, how the door is positioned can do a lot to the functionality and appearance of the bathroom. Here are two general ideas that you need to remember:

The door should swing towards the bathroom wall and not any other area. If you do the latter, it will take up much space, making the area more restrictive that it actually is.
The vanity is a great sight once you open the door, but definitely not the toilet. You don’t want anyone to accidentally barge in and see you doing your private business.

Two Rooms are Better Than One

Bathroom Renovations

To have that feeling of having an expansive bathroom, having two passageways can create the perfect illusion. You can group the toilet and vanity together and have another door for the tub, you can separate the vanity from the toilet and bath, or you can have two separate rooms for the toilet and bath area.

Double the Space with Mirror Walls

Similar to the idea of the previous point, having mirror walls creates an illusion of a larger bathroom. Aside from that, it reflects light from the windows or your light fixtures, so that’s an added value.

Do Away With the Tub

Renovations for Small Bathrooms

If the tub isn’t a necessity, you might want to consider losing it. Replace it with either a fixed or handheld shower so that it won’t feel constricting when you step into the bathroom. Doing so will create more floor area, which means more mobility.

Play with the Focus

While this isn’t really for function, this is more for perception. Creating an accent wall gives focus for the area, veering away from the feeling that it is small. It can prove to be an aesthetic addition to your bathroom.