Sleek Modern Kitchen Designs that Inspire Envy

Stylish designs for kitchen areas have evolved immensely over the years. What was just a place designated to simply prepare food has transformed into a masterpiece itself. All thanks to modern ideas, a space dedicated to putting together great delicacies now demands sophistication and style and also doubles as an entertainment area in people's homes.

While each kitchen is unique in its beauty and elegance, certain elements are similar across the latest fashionable kitchens. The latest trends include large windows that let the sun shine in, monochromatic walls, and a distinctive pop of colour or feature wall are some of the winning features that each possess.

Here are some renovation ideas for your kitchen that will induce jealousy amongst your guests.

Modern Kitchen Designs

When talking about large windows, Alexander Gorlin’s kitchen design certainly takes the cake. The kitchen walls are all made of glass, allowing you to marvel at the beautiful, expansive scenery while preparing a dish. The room is painted with a relaxing white hue while flowers and fruits on the table create a focal point, adding life to the area.

Meanwhile, this earth-and-architecture-clash design in a home in the Hamptons is definitely drool-worthy. The shiny floors, light brown home bar and stools contrast with the white ceiling and walls of the area. Windows near the sink area reveal trees and greenery, creating an even more relaxing experience.

Modern Kitchen Styles

For a quick escape amidst the bustling city life, this nickel-tile and oak ensemble kitchen on a New York penthouse does the trick. The cabinets and undercounter wine storage are all oak-inspired, giving an earthy feel. Topped with a marble tabletop and a great view of the skyscrapers of the city, it certainly is a sight that can take your breath away.

Meanwhile, this seemingly borderless kitchen area in Arizona is another sight to behold. The floor and cabinets are all done with a wooden tinge, creating a country feel. Two chandeliers that light up the room add a touch of elegance to the kitchen. The sliding door leading to the outdoor living room makes a flowy atmosphere.

Kitchen Design Inspirations

Last but not the least, this artsy yet modern kitchen in Chicago is worthy of awe. The metallic fixtures and clean, white finish gives a tidy feel to this kitchen. To top it all off, artworks and even a picture of Elvis Presley creates a fun element to the space.

These are all great inspirations for your kitchen, but ultimately the functionality should be your top concern. Add a dash of your own unique style  for a kitchen you can really love.