Kitchens that Combine Function and Aesthetics

Aesthetic & Functional Kitchen

In today’s modern times, renovations that have looks alone are not going to cut it. It needs to be functional as well, proving that it serves its purpose with utmost efficiency. It can be tricky at times, but when the perfect balance of style and utility is struck, then you have a masterpiece in your hands.

Here are 5 kitchen inspirations in Instagram that have achieved just that, which only means you, too, can do it!

1. Basking Under the Lights
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This kitchen is lit, literally. This photo shared by “mylittleredhouse” is a perfect example of the fusion of elegance and usefulness. The kitchen has a window revealing the serene greenery outside, which is both a relaxing sight and a great entry point for ventilation and natural illumination. At night, this place would still remain bright, all thanks to the chandelier, candle holders, and lights even in the glass-windowed cupboard! Now that is genius.

2. Lounging in the Kitchen

Who knew preparing food could be this entertaining? This living room/ kitchen ensemble is definitely a great design for those who like to relax and chat with friends and family while cooking a hearty meal. Despite the little space designated for the dining and kitchen area, it was made less constricting by just installing a single wall, opening space towards the couch where others can simply wait for the food.

3. Let the Sunshine In

Nothing beats the warmth and brightness of natural sunshine, and this is what this well-lit and ventilated kitchen is about. The dining area is surrounded by three top-to-bottom large windows, allowing family and guests to enjoy the great food while marveling at the expansive outdoors. Not only does it provide great scenery, but just think about how it cuts electricity costs, all thanks to the sun.

4. Hiding in Plain Sight

Were you looking for the oven and the gas range? They are just beside the cabinets. Well, to be precise, they are somehow installed within the kitchen fixtures. While this provides a cohesive and elegant design to your kitchen, it also saves space and creates organisation, allowing you to move about freely in the area.

5. Chilling in White

White is a common and safe pick when choosing colour for your kitchen. While it blends with any theme you wish to have, light colours repel heat, unlike dark colours that absorb it. This ensures a cool and relaxing experience while preparing that delectable food.