6 White Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You

When deciding what colour to paint an area of the house, a safe bet is always white, and for good reason. It’s sophisticated, easy on the eye and it exudes cleanliness and purity. The kitchen is not exempt from being stylish when choosing interior design elements. These 5 examples will have you adding a white kitchen renovation for your home. 

Here are some white kitchen ideas that you can try for your own home.

1. White and Metal Ensemble in Manhattan

Kitchen Inspirations

Letting the light in makes any room attractive, and this is further enhanced by the dominant white hue of this Manhattan kitchen. The cabinets and ceiling are all white, reflecting sunshine into the room. To make a subtle contrast, the bar cabinet, stools, and kitchen lights are metallic silver. It also doesn’t hurt to add more colour with flowering plants.

2. A Modern, Country White

Modern Kitchen Designs

If you are looking to see an all-white grandeur with the simplicity of the countryside, this Hamptons kitchen is one great example. The only thing that contrasts with the white hue are the stools and the earthy touch of indoor plants. This design blends perfectly with any style or scheme you wish to have.

3. Luminescent Marble Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Inspirations

This Notting Hill home is graced with a pearly white and marble combination, exuding sophistication and glamour. The cabinet, walls, ceiling, and stools are pure white, while the bar and floor are touches of elegance to marvel at with its marble finish. Add a 1950’s chandelier and you have a classic kitchen.

4. The Classic Black and White

Kitchen Ideas that Inspire

When picking a colour combination, black and white is always a favorite choice. This contemporary kitchen in Los Gatos is predominantly white with contrasting elements of black hue for the backsplash, counter, and chairs. It definitely gives a playful sight to behold especially when accentuated with indoor flora and fruit centerpieces.

5. Illumination and Bricks

Modern Kitchen Styles

Nothing else screams vintage than seeing a classic design with bricks. This provincial look is made modern by painting the rest of the kitchen in ivory tint, highlighting the stove area which is adorned with brick patterns. It certainly makes a cozy centerpiece for any kitchen.

6. Kitchen and the Outdoors

Kitchen Renovations

This light-reflective kitchen looks like it could go on and on, thanks to its colour and its proximity to the outdoor garden. The sky blue splashback adds a dash of relaxation and serenity to the area, making it truly an envy-worthy design.