The Low Down on Toilet Heights – Everything you wanted to know

Ever wondered about how high a toilet should be? Do tall people buy different toilets to short people? Is every toilet the same height? If you are planning on buying your first toilet, our guide will help you to be ‘flush’ with all the facts.

When buying a new toilet either for an existing home or to replace one that you already have, it's important to make sure to buy the toilet with the best height for your personal situation. We have been able to ‘squeeze’ out a few toilet height facts in this article.

What works for you may not work for someone else, and can typically depend on your height as well as how you sit and stand at the toilet, and your physical needs. We hope our guide will be a-cistern you with your purchase decisions.
What are you looking for in a Toilet?
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With the introduction of handheld technology, people are now spending record time in the toilet with their devices. A #2 which used to be over and one with in as much time as it takes to flick through a copy of New Idea, can now go as long as a movie. A recent study found that most animals, including humans take approximately 13 seconds to evacuate their bowels, and the rest of the time we spend in the bathroom is comfort related.

There are so many choices of toilet seat out there, choosing one that is comfortable on your bottom and fits the bowl is a task and a half.

It's important to buy a toilet that will allow you to easily and comfortably sit down on it as well as stand up from it. You don't want to have to struggle to do so each time you need to use the bathroom. It's also important that your feet can rest comfortably on the floor when you are using the toilet as this assists the evacuation of your bowels quickly and easily. Raising your feet up off the ground on a step can also assist the evacuation.

What’s the most common toilet in Australia?

Aussie ToiletsThe most common toilet installed in Aussie bathrooms is a close coupled toilet. This design has a bowl and cistern connected as all one piece. These are the cheapest type of toilet and most aussie houses have this design.

How High Should a Toilet Be?

The usual height for a toilet is 15 inches and although the most common, this height is not always a perfect fit for each individual person. These toilets are sometimes purchased for young children ages 3 and 4. Toilets of 17-19 inches are ideal for adults with disabilities.
Toilets for Taller People

If you are a tall family, it’s possible to get a toilet that is 1-2 inches taller, these toilets are generally labelled "comfort height" will be more suitable than a standard toilet for people who are very tall. These generally range from 17-19 inches in height, although it is possible to find ones that are outside that range.
Toilets for Shorter People

If you are of shorter stature, you can purchase heights which are around 11-12 inches. People who are shorter than about 5' 4" will find that a shorter toilet the best fit for them. They should avoid the reaction of installing a taller toilet and hoping that they'll be able to push off easily as falling off a toilet can cause serious injury and is no laughing matter. If you are living in a house which has a taller toilet, you can install support bars to help you with getting off the toilet.
Best Toilets for People with Bowel Problems

If you suffer from bowel problems then evacuating your bowels can be challenging. Choosing a toilet which will accommodate your evacuation is ideal. Changing the height of the toilet is not always the best way to help someone with bowel problems. Instead, installing something on the floor which will allow the user to place their feet on an elevated surface will help with bowel problems. Lifting one's knees up to mimic a crouching position has been known to open your sphincter and allow the bowels to evacuate.
Toilet Styles for Those in Wheelchairs

Care ToiletsMost people in wheelchairs will find that they can more easily transfer to a toilet seat if it is the same height as their wheelchair. Purchasing a wall mounted toilet and adjusting it to the height needed is often the best way to make this the perfect fit.
Furnishing the Smallest Room

There are a number of considerations when buying a new toilet, but with this guide you should more easily be able to get the correct height for your personal situation. Most people never get the chance to choose their own toilet, so if you do get that chance don’t waste it on an uncomfortable and unsuitable toilet.

Everybody should enjoy the comfort of being nestled into a stylish and functional toilet seat. We hope we didn’t ‘bowl’ you over with too much information.